Finding Time for Self Care, Really??

I had been busy – ridiculously, “I should fire the person who does my booking”, “oh wait that is me”, kinda busy.   Balancing family, work and commitments was not happening.

My immune system noticed, and I got the bug my daughter brought home from school.  I was peeved at myself.   And I needed a reboot.

Enter rest and the reminder that self care was supportive and important.

It did not have to be a job, it could be a joy.

It could be peaceful moments.

My favorite self care over that time period – legs up on a chair/couch.  Laying on my floor, with my legs bent  in a 90 degree angle, so my calves and feet rested on the seat of couch.  The back of my thighs resting against the edge of the couch.

I felt my low back relax,

I feel my shoulders, back and hips sink into the floor.

I felt the pressure of the floor on my sacrum relax my hips, and the pressure of my femurs sink into my hip sockets, relaxing my hips

And I breathed.  And breathed….and got dog kisses from my little dude who was so excited to find me on the floor, in his territory.

And I began to slow and feel more like myself.   That is self care, the moment when you are being you.  The posture just helped me remember .

Below is a picture of legs supported by chair self care pose.


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